Shopping Tall:

Bottom : Old Navy

Top : Nordstrom Rack

Jacket : Charlotte Russe

Bag : Coach

 Earrings : Gifted

 Bracelet : Gifted


My husband and I were invited to join some friends for dinner.  We went to a wonderful Thai restaurant close to where we live.  We had a wonderful time.  We talked a lot, laughed a lot and definitely ate a lot.  The food was absolutely amazing. I had shrimp spring rolls as an appetizer and the yellow curry with chicken as my entrée and both were delish. The couple we went out to dinner with was stationed in Portugal while we were there and now we are all living here in Hawaii.  Matter of fact we are practically neighbors, living only one street away from each other.  So that is a great thing about the military.  Although you may leave friends behind, you always have the chance to meet up again at a new post.  Here are some pics of what I wore to dinner.

Thank you so much for reading!