Shop My Look

Bottom: Forever 21

| Top : Old Navy

| Shoes : Payless |

Bag : Louis Vuitton |

Sunnies : Steve Madden

| Bracelets : Jean Warehouse


Yesterday while in Forever 21 I came across this lovely green pleated skirt.  It caught my eye when I first walked in the store. My first thought was that’s kind of cute. My immediate second thought was…..ummm I don’t know about me and the pleats. My mom ended up purchasing some sunglasses and asked if I was buying anything, I told her no, I spotted a bright blazer I wanted but they didn’t have my size.  So we started to walk out the store and then I turned toward the skirt again.  I asked my mom what she thought about it and she liked it.  I thought to myself, well I am trying to find my style and try new things so why not try it.  So I purchased the skirt.  After leaving the store my mom was pushing the boys in the stroller and I was walking on the side of it. All of a sudden a tall young man (probably about 6′ 2″) walks up and stops in front of me.  He startled me a bit and I just stopped and kind of tensed up.  He then blurted out, “How tall are you?” Kind of lingering on the “you”. Caught off guard I just answered immediately 6’4″ and we proceeded to walk around him. As I passed by him he smiled slyly and said….you guessed it, “wow, you’re tall ” with a sly look.  As we continued walking I told my mom, “and old enough to be his momma”…lol. My mom shook her head and said, “geez he could have at least said how tall he was or hi or something first”.  I replied, “now you see why I have so much to blog about..and this will be in the blog word for word, crazy people”….lol

Thank you so much for reading!