Pretty Tall Style - Stand Tall

My beautiful cousin Orie (who is 6’2″, by the way) sent me a link to the Martha Stewart Tall Show and I’m really happy that she did because I missed it during the stand tall week.  As I was watching the show I have to admit I was a bit discouraged by the guest speakers  because they seemed to harp more on the cons of being tall then they did on the pros.  They came out wearing flats and then the “model/designer”  for Long Tall Sally  went on to make a comment about not being able to wear high heels as a con of being tall because she’s already bordering on drag queen height, or something to that nature.  Now you all know I love my flats, but I’m all for tall girls wearing heels as well. I just thought it was a poor representation for tall girls and women of the world, who were supposed to be taking pride in standing tall, especially for that week.  I thought it would have been better if at least one of them or even one of the women they had in the fashion show was rocking a pair of  heels.  Just to show our tall girls coming up and grown women who may be a little apprehensive that it is okay.  A while back I did a post stating I wish I was shorter for shoes and looking back, I regret doing so because, where does it state that because I am 6’4″ tall I can’t rock a pair of five-inch heels.  If they are cute and I want and can afford them then I shouldn’t have this nagging anxious feeling that I am “too tall” to wear them.  Heck as my mom told me, you’re already tall as all get out a few more inches isn’t really going to make a difference…lol So as with my fierce height I’m going to rock my heels just because.  So be prepared to see more heels in my upcoming style and outfit posts. 😉

Another gripe I had with the show was the mini fashion show.  Now I know Long Tall Sally has better more stylish looking clothes than those that were on the models. I see them all the time online and wish I could afford most of them.  Darn the conversion rate.  I also they would have used fashions from more than just Long Tall Sally.  To end on a positive note I did appreciate Martha Stewart dedicating a show to “tall”.  What put a smile on my face was a quote the model/designer said her mom told her when she was growing up, “Why try to fit in, when you were born to stand out!”  I loved this and think that tall girls and women all over the world need to hear it just as much as “Tall is Beautiful!

Thank you so much for reading!