Pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion - Blue Ombre

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Jeans: Old Navy, tall

Shirt: Zara (old), similar, tall, this one is cute, tall

Blazer: Banana Republic (old), similar

Shoes: Payless (old) size 12, love these up to size 13

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion - Blue Ombre

Pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion - Army Wife

Wearing my blue ombre shirt from Zara today, which is a couple of years old. Well everything I am wearing today, I’ve owned for 2 years or more and never really worn much, with exception to these jeans and bag.  Thanks  to Pinterest I have found so much outfit inspiration.  I’m learning new ways to pair items that have just been sitting in my closet and new ways to wear/style them as well.  For example, this blazer I’ve had for over 7 years from Banana Republic.  Its tall size and the sleeves are long, so I’ve just always worn them down. This is the first time I’ve worn them cuffed up, and I love how it gives this look a more casual, yet pulled together vibe. My blue ombre blouse from Zara, was more of an impulse buy a couple of years ago. I’ve almost given  it away twice to my sister and now I’m glad that I didn’t.  I have a couple more ideas on what I can pair it with, and my husband loves this look.  So its definitely a keeper for the moment.

How do feel about ombre? Do you think its hard to wear?

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