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Jeans: Old Navy, tall, similar

 Sweater: Gap, tall, similar

 Scarf: Ebay

Shoes: Payless, size 12, similar



In the winter time you want to be cute and cozy and comfortable.  With cute jeans and a cozy and comfortable sweater, it doesn’t get much simpler than that.  Although perfectly acceptable to leave the house as such, it just seemed like it needed a bit more.  A statement necklace probably could have worked, or maybe even layering a chambray or plaid button down shirt underneath, but I wanted to feel the softness of my sweater and  wanted more of a cozy feel. So I added this cute cashmere scarf I scored on Ebay.  Throw on a pair of boots with a little added detail like a buckle and you’ve got yourself an everyday, comfy, cute and let us not forget cozy look.

So how are you staying cute and cozy this winter?