Did you know that JCPenney has a huge tall section online?!

Well right now they also have a big sale going on. Plus on top of the already low sale and clearance prices you can get an additional $20 off using the code SUPERSAV through Saturday.  As I was browsing I came across these Worthington V-Neck Sweaters.  They are on sale for $9.99! I love the v-neck and that they are a cotton/rayon/nylon blend which means that they should be soft, not itchy and retain their shape when washed.  (I’ll know if that’s true and more once I receive them)  So for $9.99 I decided to give them a try.  I am in need of light weight sweaters to layer with my closet full of button down shirts.  I tried to think about the colors I need and how I could mix and match them with what was already in my closet I ended up purchasing the four colors below plus the burgundy.  I mean 5 sweaters for the price of 1.  I could not resist, now let’s just hope they don’t disappoint…lol But after reading the reviews on the site I think I made a good decision.  My train of thought was that I have ordered two different type sweaters from JCPenney before that I loved and I didn’t want to just buy one and risk the other colors not being available in my size when I went back. I also thought about what I could wear them with that is already in my closet. They can be worn alone jeans, pants and skirts and I could add statement necklaces to give them the extra oomph.  But more specifically the shirts I could layer underneath.  For the green I can’t pair it with my navy/white gingham, pink/white stripe, yellow/white gingham and green/white gingham button ups.  The red sweater I could layer over a chambray, denim, white or light blue oxford shirt, as well as with my blue/white gingham.  So you get my point these sweaters will add numerous outfit options to my closet for a fraction of a cost.

JCPenny Talls- Worthington Sweaters


Tall Worthington V-Neck Sweaters, in  Premier Green, Rumba Red, Medium Heather Grey and Sunny Lime, available here.

Another deal that I thought was amazing and too good to pass up were these blouses.  They are 100% silk and on sale for $11.99! They can be worn tucked in or left out and again they received 4.7 out of 5 based on the reviews.  I loved the color options and bought all four of the colors shown below. I plan on wearing these layered under my blazers, cardigans,with the sweater I just bought as well as on their own with skirts, jeans and slim fitting ankle pants this spring and summer. More specifically I can pair the yellow top with a navy blazer, my navy/white diy skater skirt, with my black/white stripe jacket, underneath the green or gray sweaters I just bought or a black/white stripe pencil skirt.  Pretty much all of the colors will work this way.  I also love the color blocking going on with the belts in the pictures, so that provides more styling options for me as well with the colored belts I already own.

JCPenney Talls Worthington Silk Blouse

Tall Worthington Sleeveless 100% Silk Blouse, in Citronelle, Premier Green, Virtual Pink and Black, available here.

So for a little over $100 I will have at least 25 different outfit options from these sweaters and blouses. Once I receive them, I think I will definitely do some re-mixing posts and play around with a couple of them to see how many different looks I can come up with.  Put my re-mixing theory to the test.  I know how I envision it in my head, but sometimes that doesn’t always work out quite right when actually worn, so this should be interesting. Stay tuned. 🙂

P.S. Do you think it’s “crazy” of me to buy the same thing in different colors? Or is this something that you have done before?

Thank you for reading!