Pretty Tall Style

Okay I still have two more items to review that I was sent by the ASOS team, but I just had to jump right ahead into my new jumpsuit.  I’m not sure if you recall where I said ASOS would start to get all of my money after I reviewed the High Waist Jeggings.  Well I wasn’t lying.  I ordered this ASOS TALL Jumpsuit at the beginning of last week.  At first when I spotted it on the website I was hesitant because on the site it states for the US size 4 the inside seam measures at 32.5″.  I was thinking that is not going to be long enough, but then something told me to just go ahead and order it and see, because their returns are hassle-free.  So I pulled the trigger on my size 14. I received this bad boy on friday afternoon.  I tried it on Friday evening and was super excited!  You guys can tell why by looking at these pics. I’m telling you if the maxi dresses and skirts that ASOS TALL starts offering fit as well as the pants, jeans, skirts and tops I’ve already tried they will become my favorite. Now let me get into the details.

Pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion Blog

This ASOS TALL jumpsuit comes in a rich and vibrant cobalt blue, which you all know by now is my favorite color.  It is available in US sizes 0-14.  I am wearing a size 14 and it fits perfectly with the exception that the top was a little too big. I’m a 38 D up top and I had to pin it here for the pictures, but will be taking it in about 1/2″ on each side in the bust area.  I received a couple of messages from tall girls who are busty inquiring about jumpsuits and I would tell you that this one may be a winner for you due to the ample room up top at least in this size 14.  The material is 100% polyester with a crepe like feel.  The fabric is light weight but not transparent, perfect for the upcoming summer months.  Also a great fabric for dressing it up or down.

Pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion Blog

Another plus and main feature that I love about this jumpsuit is that it has pockets.  Nice deep pockets.  Love it!

Pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion Blog

As  you can see I’m wearing heels with this jumpsuit today and the length is still great. I’m 6’4″and I have a 36″ inseam and my heels are over 3″ high so you can see that ASOS TALL really is for us tall girls.  The bodice is long enough and the elastic at the waistband hits me where it is supposed to.  Also I noticed in the pic of the model on the website that the butt area looks droopy on her, but it doesn’t look that way on me.  Probably because I have a butt…lol not a big one by any means but there is a little something back there and this jumpsuit is quite flattering all the way around. I hate taking backward posing pictures so you will just have to take my word for  This jumpsuit retails for $84.69 and my final verdict is that it is definitely worth every red cent.  It is the first jumpsuit that I have bought that fits length wise in the legs and bodice.  It does not pull up into the crotch causing unsightly camel toe.  It does not require a lot of fuss or pulling and tugging.  With the exception of the bust area being a tad to big for me, which will be a quick and simple fix I have no complaints with this jumpsuit.  It can be dressed up, dressed down, worn with my multitude of blazers or by itself, belted or unbelted.  You can cover it with a sweater or top.  This jumpsuit is very versatile as I will show you in tomorrows post where I show this jumpsuit in a casual way.  I am so happy I took that leap and purchased this jumpsuit, couldn’t be happier with the purchase.  Tomorrow I will be posting how I styled this same jumpsuit in a casual way.  You know it’s all about being able to get the most out of pieces in our wardrobe.

Pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion Blog

What I’m Wearing:

Jumpsuit: ASOS

Blazer: Banana Republic (Tall), similar available in tall

Shoes: Payless, up to size 13

Necklace: Ebay

Thank you for reading!