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Jeans: Old Navy

 Blazer: Charlotte Russe

 Top: Old Navy

Shoes: Payless

 Bag: Ebay

 Necklace: Ebay

Pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion and Lifestyle Blog


Pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion Blog

Today I am glowing…seriously though, I was looking at these pictures, and thinking OMG it looks like my jacket is glowing. You all may want to put on your shades as you read this  I promise you my jacket isn’t this Fluorescent in person, although it is a pretty bright lemony neon yellow.  This blazer is an old clearance find from Charlotte Russe therefore it isn’t tall size and hence the shorter wrist bearing sleeves.  I was thinking about altering the sleeves down to 3/4, a while ago, but never got around to doing it.  As I’ve worn this jacket numerous times, I actually started to really like this princess sleeve length with the fitted shrunken look of this blazer.  So I just let them be. I was inspired to pair my mint tee with this neon yellow blazer from a picture I spotted and pinned on Pinterest, featuring the color combo of mint and neon yellow.  I would have never thought that these two colors would work so well together, but I tried it myself and I really love it. It’s like adding a couple of mint leaves to your lemonade.  It makes it a bit more refreshing. I’m excited about this color pairing because I have a few mint pieces and neon yellow pieces that I can now mix and match, adding that many more outfits, right out of my closet.My neon yellow clutch was a recent find from Ebay as well as my candy colored necklace.  I really love this yummy necklace because it has so many gorgeous spring/summer colors in it and it helps to tie a lot of colors together in an outfit.

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