Pretty Tall Style Blog - Green Midi Skirt and Ivory Lace Tee

What I’m Wearing:

Skirt: Forever 21 (similar,  similar, similarsimilar, similar)

 Shoes: Nine West (similar up to size 12, love these up to size 12 and they are on sale!)

 Bag: Banana Republic (similar, similar)

 Top: Dorothy Perkins (similar, similar, similar )

 Belt: Charlotte Russe (similar)

Pretty Tall Style Blog - Green Midi Skirt and Ivory Lace Tee

Pretty Tall Style Blog - Green Midi Skirt and Ivory Lace Tee


Great blog by a tall military wife and mom, who recreates outfits from items she already owns in her closet or DIY.                                                                                                                                          Inspiration pic from Anthropologie, found here

Hi lovelies! Sorry I’ve been kind of MIA.  I’ve just been going through some things self confidence wise that made me lose my motivation for blogging for a minute.  The first was I really messed up my hair.  I wanted to lighten it to a dark brown with caramel highlights.  Why I thought I could do this myself, I don’t know…lol Anyway long story short, I fried my hair in the numerous attempts to get the look I wanted.  My hair was like straw, my curls were gone and my strands were breaking off as I combed it and barely even touched it.  No deep conditioning in the world could save my hair, so my only option was to cut it all off and start over yet again.  So I cut my hair all off and then had the hubby shave the rest off with his clippers.  Yes I have less than an inch of hair left on my head…lol Trying to look cute and take pictures and feeling like crap…umm no.  Secondly clothes that used to fit were getting tight or not fitting.  I had not gotten on the scale in a few months and decided to do so and was blown away by the number that was flashing before my eyes. I weigh the same amount as I did the day I delivered  my second son.  I was devastated but know I have no one to blame but myself.  I stopped working out months ago and have been eating whatever I wanted in quantities that I had no business doing.  So the scale only reflected the damage I was doing.  So again no motivation to blog because I couldn’t fit some clothes and didn’t like the way I was looking in the ones that did.  But as a month went by I realized I missed blogging  and that no matter what size I am I shouldn’t use it as an excuse to not try and look my best.  So I went online looking for full wigs that I could rock confidently until my own hair reaches a length I am comfortable with rocking on its own.  I found some cute ones and even made my very own, which came out really cute. I went through my clothes and found what I can still fit. This past week I have started to eat clean.  Next week both of my boys will be in school, so I plan on dropping them off at school and hitting the gym here on post for two hours every morning, no excuses and taking it day by day.  In the meantime no new clothes for me until I reach my goal weight/size.  Purses and shoes are still game though…lol So I will be scouring the internet for outfit inspiration  to get maximum use out of items I already have in my closet.  I will also be providing links to current but similar items for you all. Today’s look I came across from Anthropologie and was inspired to recreate this outfit with my own green midi skirt I purchased from Forever 21 a few years ago and this ivory lace tee from Dorothy Perkins which I purchased last year.  I think it’s a great look for spring/summer.  For cooler nights I can just throw on my denim jacket or tan brown (faux) leather jacket.  If you already own similar pieces in your closet, hopefully this gives you inspiration and if not I’ve provided links to similar items below. But don’t fret if you don’t already own a green midi skirt, this look can easily be recreated with any other color such as red, yellow, blue and even black.  I own all of those colors, so I will definitely try it and show you later on the blog. So I am motivated to share these three journeys (hair, fitness, and shopping  my closet) with you all and hope you will continue to follow along.

Thank you for stopping by!