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Dress: Nordstrom Rack ( similar available in plus size) (loving this tall size black dress)

Shoes: Nine West via Nordstrom (these are cute and on sale, available up to a size 15)

Clutch: DIY (made by me) (love the texture of this one)

Earrings: Forever 21

Watch: Micheal Kors

Pretty Tall Style - Tall Women's Fashion Blog


Tall Women's Fashion Blog - Pretty Tall Style

Hello Lovelies! Today on the blog, it’s all black everything.  I picked up this dress a couple of years ago on clearance for about $30.00 from Nordstrom Rack.  It is a size 10 and I bought it at the time because I was a size 12 and figured I would lose the weight within a month and be able to wear it and it was the only size left.   I never even tried it on and I never wore it because I thought it would be way too small.  Well I haven’t lost any weight since then, as a matter of fact I’m a clothing size bigger, currently wearing a size 14 in almost everything.  But I just thought to try it on.  I put on my tummy control panel underwear and tried on the dress and I was like wow! The arms are a little snugger than they are probably supposed to be, but the seams line up on the side where they are meant to be.

The attached faux leather belt ties at the smallest point at my rib cage and create a tiny looking waist.  I am assuming because this dress is black I appear to be smaller.  But it may also be because it is more fitted than I have been used to wearing lately, less fabric, more of me.  Now my girls are saying hey today, but they are covered…lol So I’m good with that.  I feel like a sexy, grown and confident woman in the dress and I wonder is that who I am now. I mean we all have our insecurities and I know there are plenty of days when I let them get the best of me.  Especially once I stopped being a size 4/6 and  was hovering in the double digits. But I feel as though I am slowly getting back to the me I used to be, even if that me is carrying a bit more weight.  With this short new do I’ve been telling you guys how its helping me to break out of my comfort zone and want to try new things.  But I realize that what it is also doing is making me comfortable in my own skin.  I mean when you don’t have hair, you truly don’t have anything to hide behind.  It’s like it states this is me, this is who I am.  I am not my hair because I don’t have any…lol So here’s to embracing all of me, my new curvier self.  I choose to love me at the size that I am now instead of focusing on the size I used to be and struggling to get back to.  Its funny to me that I’m embracing all of my size 14 body in a size 10 dress,  which makes me realize even more that the size does not matter.  It is about the way it fits and how it makes us feel.  So whether you have to go up a size or down two we shouldn’t really get caught up in the numbers.  Buy what fits, feels good and comfortable and makes you feel your best when wearing it.

Now what I love the most about this dress is the thick, heavy weight jersey material but the fabric is still fluid and has great movement.  I also love the faux leather detailing at the waist with the tie that sits at the smallest part of my body, cinching in my waist. It definitely accentuates the positives while gliding over my trouble spots. I decided to stick with all black everything which I think works because of the different textures, it still provides some interesting contrast.  Especially with the faux leather tie of the dress and my diy clutch and lace up sandals.

These Nine West Lace up Sandals have been one of my best shoe purchases ever.  They pretty much go with anything and everything and automatically add a bit of edginess to any outfit.  I also love that because this dress is not floor length on me, the shaft of the shoe is high enough to balance it all out.

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