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Jeans: Old Navy

Sweater: Old Navy

Top: Old Navy (old), but loving this one

Bag: Old Navy

Boots: Sam Edelman (size 12) via Nordstrom Rack, (similar up to size 12)




If you’ve been following my blog for some time, then I’m sure it probably does not come as a surprise that I adore Old Navy! I would say that at least a  good 30% of my wardrobe comes from them.  Not only do they offer an abundant variety in tall sizes, but their prices are amazing!  They are really quite affordable and seem to offer some type of promotion on a weekly basis.  I mean, you know I love a good deal! I’ve always thought they were a great place too shop online for your everyday basics in tall sizes. But what I am loving even more about Old Navy right now, is the on trend and very cute styles they have been offering as of late. I mean how cute is this sweater? And these black mid-rise skinny jeans fit like a glove and go past my ankles.  My black and white gingham top is from Old Navy as well although it is not tall sized and this bucket bag as well?!  Just in case you’re still not a believer, all of these pieces combined, still cost less than the sales price I paid for these Sam Edelman ankle boots.  These four Old Navy pieces combined were less than $60 because I bought them at different times on sale with an additional discount promo code. If you haven’t checked out Old Navy in a while, you may want to give them a second look online, especially for the tall pieces. You just might ‘adore’ them too. 🙂

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