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It seems just about daily I get a message, email or comment from tall young girls and women alike who battle with the decision of whether or not they should wear heels.  I am a firm believer that you should rock whatever makes you feel comfortable, confident and your best.  For some women that is a pair of killer pumps, and for others, it is a pair of fierce flats.  For a tall woman I don’t think either choice is wrong or right, because we are blessed with the gift of height, and that makes us stand tall alone, no matter what we are standing in or on.  What I do think is important, is the knowledge that we have the option to wear either, or and look just as good in both.  I truly despise those that make the comments such as,  “you’re already tall, so why do you need heels?”  The fact is I don’t “need” them.  I know I’m tall and I love it.  I “choose” to wear them sometimes, because I like the way they look and the way I look in them, depending on what I am wearing.  But guess what, I also love to wear flats, because they are more conducive to my everyday lifestyle.  Anyway I wrote all of this to say.  Don’t let others dictate what you should or shouldn’t wear as a tall girl. We have the common bond of being tall, but we are all individuals.  Wear the shoe height that YOU like,  that makes YOU feel the most comfortable, and beautiful in.  Just remember as a tall girl, no matter what, your height is always on fleek! Stand tall, stand beautiful, stand proud, but most importantly stand in whatever shoes you want, as long as they fit..(we do not look good with our toes hanging off the edge of our sandals)…hehe

Thanks for reading!