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Jeans: Old Navy Tall

Top: c/o The Easy Lady

Jacket: Dorothy Perkins Tall, love these moto jackets available in tall here, here and here

Shoes: Payless Shoesource


Hello my name is Tanasha and I am 6’4″ tall and Yes I do wear heels! How many times have we been asked the question about our height, which then leads to questions about our professions, significant others and yes of course our choice of footwear.  Yes, I admit when I was younger I stayed away from heels and stuck with flats, or found the lowest heels available when I had to get dressed up.  But now In my 42 years of life I wear what I want and what I feel comfortable in at the time.  Sometimes that is flats and sometimes it is heels. Yes as tall women we have options and neither is more right or more wrong than the other. It’s one’s own personal preference and comfort level. I was going to a birthday party with my hubby of one of his closest friends and I felt like wearing black over the knee boots. I have a flat pair for casual running the kids to school days and I have a 3-4″ pair that are more the going out type.  I put on the going out type and felt amazing.  I was the tallest person up in the place with those heels on and I didn’t care.  Tall girls, no matter how tall, you can wear the heels.  No justification needed except the fact that you just want to, even though you don’t “have” to.


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