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Women’s Tall Basic Sweaters

Women's Tall Basic Sweaters

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Sweater: Nordstrom Rack, similar sweaters available in tall here, here, and here

Scarf: Zara, some great ones here, here and here

Boots: c/o Alonai, up to size 13

Jeans: Old Navy Tall, similar

Bag: Louis Vuitton, also available here and here


Women’s Tall Black Swing Dress + Pops of Red

Pretty Tall Style - Black Shift Dress - Red Plaid Scarf - Red Ankle Booties

I am all about easy dressing and I tell you it doesn’t get any easier or much comfier than a swing dress. For my everyday style this women’s tall black swing dress from Old Navy would definitely be a go-to.  It can be remixed in so many different ways by changing the type of shoes or ankles booties (in this case) in an array of colors, sneakers, over the knee boots or cute flats just to name a few.  Then think about all of the different colored scarves you could wear to change it up as well.  Then their are the layering options of a classic everyday coat, a denim jacket, a moto jacket, a vest and even a cardigan.  So many different options for one basic dress.  Today’s look would be perfect for Christmas, the temps here in San Diego have been very mild so bare legs are ok.  But if the temps are cooler in your neck of the woods you could add tights and a coat of course. I’ve linked several women’s tall black swing dresses for you below.

Women’s Tall Navy Blazers

navy blazer + chambray button down + skinny jeans

A navy blazer is a classic wardrobe essential.  No matter if you are a business professional or a stay at home mom such as myself, I do believe it is a piece that every woman should have in her closet.  So first of all I’ve linked several women’s tall navy blazers in different styles and at different price points for you all.  Today’s look is one that I would wear for a doctor’s appointment, I always feel you get treated better when you look like you have it together and somewhere else to be.  For parent teacher conferences at the kids school.  Normally I’m wearing workout clothes when I drop my boys off because I head right to the gym after dropping them off.  So it feels good to go to these types of meetings pulled together.  It’s also a great outfit for meeting the girls for dinner and drinks.

Brown Suede Ankle Boots + Chevron Cardigan

Alonai Brown Faux Suede Ankle Boots

Hello Lovelies, today’s look is a cozy and comfy one perfect for running morning errands.  I need to go grocery shopping which I have been putting off for the past couple of days.  Will be making a stop at Costco and Wal-Mart.  Praying that neither is too crazy as we are close to Christmas.  Todays color combination is one that I haven’t worn too often but really love.  It just seems like such a sophisticated color palette, combining black, brown and grey.  It was a great way for me to showcase the fab ankle boots in brown faux suede courtesy of Alonai.  They are available up to a size 13, which is what I am wearing and I have to say they fit true to size and are very comfortable.  I love the rich brown color and the height and width of the heel.  Makes them stylish yet comfortable.


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