Pretty Tall Style - Red Blazer - Black Faux Leather Pants - Black Graphic Tee - Black Suede Pumps - Black Bag

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Pants: Alloy, 37″ inseam (old) |

Shoes: Christian Siriano for Payless, up to size 13

Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim for Target

Red Blazer: Chadwicks of Boston, similar and here

T-Shirt: Forever 21, similar

Necklace: ebay

Pretty Tall Style - Black Leather Pants - Red Blazer - Black Suede Pumps - Black Graphic Tee

Pretty Tall Style - Black Leather Pants - Black Leather Bag - Black Suede Heels - Red Blazer

Pretty Tall Stye - Red Blazer - Black Leather Pants - Black Graphic Tee - Black Heels - Black Bag

I have been searching for a red blazer for quite some time.  I thought I had found the perfect one last year from J.Crew, but when I received it, it wasn’t a true red, it was modern red which turned out to be more of an orange-red hue. During the black friday deals I decided to check out Chadwicks of Boston because I remembered when I was working outside of the home I used to buy tall size apparel from them. So I checked the blazers and lo and behold they had the perfect red shade blazer I was looking for and luck would have it, there were only some available in a size 4T and 12T.  I quickly added the size 12T red blazer to my cart.  When I finally received my blazer to my delight it was true to the color I had seen online but to my dismay it was not a tall size.  It was just a regular size 12. I checked my order to see if it was my error or the companies and unfortunately in my haste I didn’t check tall and had inadvertently ordered the 12 regular.  When I went back to the site to see if there were anymore available of course there wasn’t.  I contemplated returning this blazer but decided to keep it because it was the perfect shade of red I was looking for and I figure I can just do the tall girl tricks of rolling or pushing up my sleeves as I’ve done here because I have so many outfit ideas that involve a red blazer…lol So my search will continue for that perfect and elusive red blazer with long enough sleeves, and when I find it I will tailor this one down to a 3/4 sleeve blazer.

Have you ever inadvertently ordered the wrong size in haste?

Thank you for reading!