If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you know that I did another big chop yesterday.  Back on July 4th I cut all of my hair off and had the hubby shave it off to about 3/8″ in length.  I had really jacked my hair up by bleaching it and coloring it about 6 times in a one month period.  I was attempting to get my hair a medium to dark brown color with caramel highlights. Big time fail.  My hubby told me I should go to a salon but I told I could do it I’ve been doing my own hair for so long.  Well I had to eat my words this time, because he was right I should have went to a salon.  But I didn’t, so now I am here.   Yesterday I had my husband shave my head again to get rid of the rest of the damaged/colored ends.  It is a fresh start and another natural hair journey begins for me. Yesterday I ventured out to Costco and Target with my guys, without a wig.  I was scared at first, thinking everyone would be staring at me and then I thought to myself well that isn’t any different than any other day because people already stare at me because of my height…lol  Now I don’t know whether they are staring at me because I am tall, bald or both…lol

The Big Chop August 2nd

But I felt so liberated and after about 2 minutes in the store I had completely forgotten I had just shaved my head. I was happy and felt liberated.  It is so hot and humid here on the island right now and I sweat like crazy with my wigs, so it felt good to be cool and not sweating profusely. I’m still not all that confident because as I write this I wonder if I will drop my boys off at school on Monday with or without my wig.  Not sure if I’m ready for the stares from people I actually know from passing, but we shall see. I started back at the gym on Friday and I wore a a baseball cap with a long straight wig in a braid underneath.  I was hot…lol  So right about now I’m thinking debuting my bald head at the school come Monday may not be so bad.  We shall see. 🙂  Here are a couple more pics from my big chop with me and my boys.  Currently they both have longer hair than me and I’m okay with that. 🙂

The Big Chop Mother and Son


The Big Chop Mommy and Son

The Big Chop August 2nd

I’m going to try and document my journey and growth as best I can and hope you will continue to follow along.  I’m even thinking of finally uploading to YouTube, once I figure it all out.  Thanks for all of your support, likes and comments on Facebook and Instagram.  I truly appreciate it.

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