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Today’s post is all about trench coats for tall girls! When I first started blogging, I started doing a closet essentials post starting off with the classic white shirt and I just stopped. A little while back a tall young lady asked me to do a post on basics and closet staples for tall girls and figured it would be a great time to re-start this.

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Since we are now in the throws of spring I thought it would be perfect to start out this series again with the timeless classic, the trench coat.  This is a wardrobe essential and must have for every woman’s closet, especially if you are over the age of thirty and trying to build a closet of pieces that are not trendy or fly by night.  The trench coat has been around for ages and is never going out of style.  Because this is such a timeless piece you want to make sure that you have one that fits.  This isn’t a piece that you want where you can only wear it with the sleeves pushed up.  You want to make sure that the sleeves are long enough for you so that you have the option of wearing it with the sleeves down or pushed up because you want to and not because you have to.  Lucky for us this is the time of year where trench coats for tall girls are available.   I personally own several trench coats in classic khaki, black, white and navy of various lengths and they are all tall sized with great length arms. They are all from Banana Republic, they fit perfectly, the sleeves are super long and the quality is great and I was lucky enough to purchase them individually during different sales. I was also gifted a very cute and fun gingham print one last year from Long Tall Sally, which I love! Above are some great options of classic trench coats for tall girls from different retailers, varying in price range, with the lowest currently on sale for $50 and a couple of fun color and printed ones for good measure.  If you don’t own a trench coat and have been looking for one, now may be the time.

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