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Cardigan: TallGirls UK c/o

 Jeans: Old Navy Tall, similar (currently on sale for $25!), love the look of these

Shoes: Eloquii (size 12w), similar , these would be cute as well here

 Tanktop: Old Navy Tall, similar (currently on sale for $4!), similar, similar

Choker: DIY

Pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion - DIY - Lifestyle - Blog - Mossy Green

Hello lovelies! Today I am stepping out of my comfort zone with today’s look featuring this awesome Edge to Edge Longline Knit in olive from TallGirls UK! When I laid eyes on this knit my first thought was that’s interesting.  Then I continued to peruse the site and I kept coming back to it.  The thing is, I am totally obsessed with the color olive right now, so I knew I already had quite a few things already in my closet that I could pair it with.  What I didn’t already have in my closet was anything with this amount of texture.  So I decided to pull the trigger and selected it.  I am so glad that I did, it is so fluffy! I love that it looks cute with the sleeves pulled down and that they stop at my wrists, I love that it isn’t to bulky to wear with the sleeves pushed up.  Although this cardigan has amazing texture, it isn’t overly bulky and has a nice drape, as you can see from me wearing it off the shoulder and on.

Now it does shed a bit, as I’m sure that most knits with this texture do, but that is something to be aware of.  But it isn’t a tremendous amount, like you aren’t going to leave a trail wherever you go, but say you pair it with a black tee you will see traces of this sweater left on it. Also, I’m not going to lie to you guys, when I first opened the package and pulled it out, I thought of mossy green grass…lol  It didn’t help that when my husband spotted it hanging on my clothes rack, he stated it looks like you rolled around in some grass…he is never one to hold his tongue..I quickly shot him an evil glare because I had sort of thought the same thing initially, but this cardigan started to grow on me (no pun intended). I love the color, I love the texture, I love that it is different, it’s a statement piece on it’s own and I am totally aware that it may not be for everybody.  Some will love it as I do now, especially after looking at these pics and some will hate it, but hey isn’t that what fashion and personal style is all about.  Now you know I wouldn’t be me if I couldn’t think of numerous looks for this cardigan. I really love today’s date night/concert goer look, I’m also thinking of pairing it with a tunic tee, leggings and boots, over a body con dress with my tie up block heel sandals in olive, and a comfy cozy look with my grey sweats, a loose tee or tank and my olive sneakers for running the kids out to school on a chilly morning.

Pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion - DIY - Lifestyle - Blog - Mossy Green


Pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion - DIY - Lifestyle - Blog - Mossy Green

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