Bottom: Elle Mayers Flare Pant, c/o

Tops: Elle Mayers Round Up Tank, c/o | Elle Mayers Linden Tee Long Sleeve, c/o

Shoes: Nike



I have come to the decision that I need to seriously make a lifestyle change when it comes to my health and fitness.  I eat crap and I’m not active at all.  I had a short stint of going to the gym daily months ago, but in the last couple of months I just stopped, and I’m seeing the results of my inactive lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits and me no likey.

So these wonderful active wear items from Elle Mayers could not have come at a better time.  I remember when I used to go to the gym regularly (about 8 years ago)  I was a young skinny minny  I didn’t mind if I exposed a bit of skin, but my more mature and less in shape body is self conscious.  When I hit the gym I still want to look cute, but I want to be comfortable and I don’t want to fidget with my clothes.  I don’t want to worry if my top will rise up and expose my tummy or if I bend over, will my shirt rise up and my pants be too low, and expose my backside.  “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”…lol I want to focus on getting my body right and looking cute in clothes that fit, while doing it.

 Well I found out that I am able to do just that thanks to my Elle Mayers Active Wear.  The EM Flare pant I am wearing above comes in a 34″, 36″, and 38″ inseam.  Check out the pics where my leg is bent and you still can’t see my ankles, how awesome is that?!  I am in love with the Round Up Tank for the simple fact that I bent over, twisted and turned and it stayed at my hips, no exposure. Did you check out the length of the sleeves on the Linden Tee.  I’m 6’4″, I have long arms and a wide wing span.  This long sleeve tee does not confine or restrict my movements at all and it has thumbholes that I can actually use, because the sleeves are long enough!!  For reference in case you’re wondering I’m wearing both shirts in a size large and the Flare Pant in a large with a 38″ inseam.  Elle Mayers Active Wear is positively perfect for this tall girl.

If  you are interested in purchasing the EM Flare Pant, then today is your lucky day. Pretty Tall Style followers can receive $5 off the new EM Flare Pant using the coupon code ‘PTSEM5’.  It is valid through 6/18/13.

Thank you for reading!