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Shorts: Gap (tall) (other colors available here in tall, regular and petite)

Top: TJ Maxx (similar, available in tall, regular and petite)

Blazer: Chadwicks (similar, other colors available here)

Shoes: Ebay

Bag: L.A.M.B via Nordstrom Rack

Necklace: Ebay

Tall Women's Fashion Blog - Everyday Style - Pretty Tall Style

Tall Women's Fashion Blog - Pretty Tall Style

A red blazer is a closet must have and I love this one that I picked up several months ago from Chadwicks.  Its a classic and the perfect shade of red.  Although it isn’t tall size the body fits my torso very well and hits right at my hips.  Being that it isn’t tall size of course the sleeve length isn’t long enough, hence the pushed up sleeves.  But with so many other positives this is something that I can ignore for the moment.  But I definitely have been checking Chadwicks site for this blazer to come back in tall sizes so i can scoop one up and hopefully on sale as I purchased this regular size one. These shorts are from Gap and they are the boyfriend roll khaki shorts.  They are a tall size and I love the length.  Not too short or too long just the perfect amount of coverage for me.  I ordered these shorts several months ago and what caught my eye was the navy detailing at the waist band and the pockets. This navy and white stripe tee is also a closet essential.  Stripe tee’s are simply chic and classic.  This tee is a couple of years old and is made by Premise.  It was a clearance find from TJ Maxx and is definitely a fave.  It is a thick knit and very well made and although it isn’t tall sized it has really long sleeves that actually hit my wrists, although I chose to wear the sleeves pushed up here today. I’ve tried to keep to keep my accessories in line with this classic look.  I sometimes struggle with accessories, its really hard for me to figure out what to pair with what but I think I did a good job here by keeping them simple and in line.  You can’t go wrong with a classic red pump and being that I am so tall I don’t have to worry about the ankle strap cutting off my leg.  My red leather chain strap bag  is the perfect size and my statement necklace adds just enough bling without being distracting.

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