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Blazer: J. Crew Schoolboy Blazer size 12 Tall (currently on sale)

Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar size 14 Tall, similar available in 30, 32, 35 and 37″ inseams

Boots: BP ‘holgate’ via Nordstrom size 12 (still on sale with limited sizes and colors available)

Shirt: Gap Factory Store size Large, similar available in regular, petite and tall

Belt: Old Navy, similar

Bag: Coach



Pretty Tall Style - Tall Women's Fashion and DIY Blog - Equestrian Prep


Pretty Tall Style - Tall Women's Fashion and DIY Blog - Equestrian Prep

Hello Lovelies! Today its all about Equestrian Prep, don’t you just love theme inspired style.  If you’ve been following me for a while then you may know that I don’t have one particular style.  I just love fashion and clothes and because of this I have a tendency to just buy things based on the simple fact that I like it.  I rarely look at something and think that’s my style.  I look at it and say that’s cute, sometimes without thinking about what I have already in my closet to pair with it.

Well I saw these chocolate boots on sale at Nordstrom several weeks ago and thought those are cute, the price is amazing and I need boots.  I loved that they were true over the knee boots on me and I also really loved the deep distressed brown color, so I was sold.  I ended up purchasing them in this chocolate brown color and in black.  For the sale price it was like getting 2 pairs of boots for the price of one, so I couldn’t resist. I didn’t really think about what I had in my closet to wear with them or even what I would wear them with for that matter.  I really need to stop doing that, but in this case these boots turned out to be a great purchase!

They were sitting in my closet staring at me saying you need to wear me before spring comes.  So I went to my favorite social media site, Pinterest! I tell you I can spend hours on there (and sometimes I do, cough, cough) looking up all kinds of outfit inspiration and crafts for my boys.  Well I typed in brown over the knee boot outfits and came across a whole lot of inspiration.  This look right here was one where I had all the pieces and really loved the equestrian prep style.  I have ridden horses before so I’m not faking the funk, well okay they might have been ponies when I was a kid but that still counts doesn’t it…lol. So someone please buy me me a horse, so I can have a reason to dress like this all of the time…hehe  

Thank you for stopping by!