neon yellow blazer navy white stripe skirt diy

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Skirt: DIY, self drafted

Blazer: Charlotte Russe

Top: Nordstrom Rack

Shoes: Payless (size 12) |

Bag: Kate Spade

neon yellow blazer navy white stripe skater skirt

navy heels navy kate spade bag navy white stripe diy skirt neon yellow blazer

neon yellow blazer navy white stripe diy skirt

Another item that has been on my wish list for quite some time is a ‘skater skirt‘.  Now for the longest time I didn’t realize they were called skater skirts, and then I had no clue as to why they were called skater skirts.  But I’m a ‘googler’ so of course I had to google it.  I found that a skating or skater skirt is high waisted, short and flowy, with a hemline that hits above the knee. Check, check, check and check. I think I passed the test and even get extra credit points because mine has pockets. I’ve always thought they were cute when I’ve seen them on other people but didn’t really think that I could get away with wearing one because they would be too short on me and not appropriate for my “old” age.  But I figured if I made one I could make sure it was a good length for me, short but not too mini-skirtish. I chose a cotton navy and white stripe print fabric. This skirt will pair well with many different colors and options in my closet this spring and summer. I love the freshness the neon blazer gives it.

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