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Skirt: c/o  ASOS TALL

Shoes: Calvin Klein via Nordstrom Rack

Bag: Kate Spade

Top: INC via Macy’s (dress I refashioned into a top)

Watch: Bulova via JCPenney




Pretty Tall Style -Tall Fashion Blog




Zipper Covering


pretty Tall Style - Tall Fashion Blog

Next up for my ASOS TALL reviews is this ASOS TALL A-Line Skirt in Textured Spot.  Now let me say up front that mini skirts are not quite my thing  anymore so I was a bit hesitant when I took this skirt out of the packaging.  I was thinking to myself oh I don’t know about this…lol But I tried the skirt on anyway and was pleasantly surprised with the length.  It passed the fingertip test and once on it gives the appearance of being a short skirt, but not inappropriately so.  It is a true tall girl short skirt, no worries about flashing your undies to the world.

The fabric of this skirt is a heavy weight textured knit ponte type of material.  It is 97% polyester and 3% elastene according to the tag.  Here is a close up of the material so you can see the polka dotted texture.  So cute!

Sometimes with white skirts they can be transparent but due to the weight of this fabric it is not. No slip is needed and for reference I’m not wearing one. I love polka dots and the subtle print of this skirt through the raised textured of the dots.  It adds visual interest and makes this skirt seem more expensive.

This skirt is very well made from the weight of the fabric to the sturdiness of the zipper attached in the back.  This is not a cheap and flimsy zipper it has weight to it.

I also loved how the zipper was covered on the inside of the skirt.  So it won’t scratch against your skin or bother you when sitting.  Its all about the attention to small details.

The price of this skirt is $52.69 and my final verdict is that I love this skirt. I’ll be honest and if I saw it on the website I would have passed it up as not being my style, but I am so happy that ASOS sent it to me because it will definitely be one of my go-to’s this spring and summer.  Every so often we go to polo at the beach here on the island and this outfit would be perfect for that.  I also as you know am all about being able to re-mix a piece with other items in my closet and I can already picture this skirt with a gingham button up, chambray button up, simple tank top and jean jacket, a light weight sweater, cardigan  and my metallic oxfords.  So be prepared for more looks styled with this skirt during these warmer months.  I’m even thinking because of the weight of the fabric that this skirt could be worn as winter white paired with tights and a heavier sweater and bright coat.

I love the crisp and minimalistic look of black and white.  So fresh and clean for spring, which is just right around the corner.

Thank you for reading!